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    • Lucy looked after my elderly cat Missie for 10 days. We came back to a fat and relaxed and extremely happy cat. Excellent care.
      S.M - BS36
    • I use Friends for Pets to look after our cats if we are going away. The service is great and very professional. I was even asked well in advance of Christmas if I'd need any visits around Christmas and New Year just so I could be scheduled in! I appreciate the reminder and personal service.
      L.D. - Bristol
    • We have been using Sams services at Friends for Pets for about a year and are very happy with the service. He is extremely reliable and has an excellent rapport with both clients and dogs. I wouldn't leave our spaniel overnight with anyone else. When our dog had a bad back and needed extra care whilst we were away Sam went out of his way to care for and look after her. I wholeheartedly recommend this service.
      A.P. - Winterbourne
    • Friends4Pets is a great service. I could not do my current job without them. I really believe Jim cares about my dogs and to them he is one more member of their family. Unlike some other places I never worry about leaving my dogs with Jim, as I know they are going to get lots of exercise and cuddles, and take their pills when they need to. There are never more than two other dogs in the house and Jim makes sure they all get along - they have made some new friends that way! The cost of the service is very realistic for using it long term. Jim has been very flexible about accommodating occasional overnight trips and late hours, and even gave me a lift when I was stuck in the snow once! When I have needed to change my arrangements, either Jim or Sam has come to my house to feed and walk the dogs with no fuss. When I went on holiday my dogs stayed with another of the Friends4Pets carers and I was very pleased to see how relaxed and happy they were when I fetched them home. All in all Friends4Pets is the very next best thing to being able to look after my dogs myself during the day.
      P.S. - South Bristol
    • Friends for Pets Dog Boarding have been great for my troubled Staffie/Patterdale Terrier cross Dex. Gill looks after him and although she has seen him at his worst she is still willing to look after and love him to bits whilst he stays with her even though he is a difficult case to look after and deal with.
      H.M. - Bristol
    • When all other avenues failed, friends for pets - at short notice - found me a lovely lady to look after my cats. I went on holiday knowing that they were in good hands and came home to find them all very happy and well fed + a diary to tell me their movements. I shall be using friends of pets in future.
      J.O. - Coombe Dingle
    • We have been using Friends for pets for over a year, and our dog loves his walk with Sam. He is always reliable and has been a big help in keeping Bruno exercised whilst we're at work. We always come home to a tired dog!
      S.R. - Emersons Green